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If you are an investor in Australian resource stocks then I’m interested to hear from you about what useful information or services you would like to see available on this site, free of charge.

There are currently 701 companies listed on the ASX in the GICS Materials category and another 240 listed in the Energy category. I recently saw the opportunity to pick up the web domain (rescourcestocks.com.au) with the goal of providing a free-of-charge public service for people who invest in these resource stocks. Email me or leave a comment below and I’ll aggregate all of the ideas to create a site that will be helpful for all of us.

In case you’re interested in my motivation to put the site together, I work in Perth for a geological consultancy, RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration. We manage field programmes and exploration services for a lot of listed mineral explorers and ultimately carry out mineral resource estimation for them. We recently set up a free and public online service to record and curate all resource reports published by the world’s explorers and miners (largely NI 43-101 and JORC code compliant reports). We did this because we wanted to provide benefits to public and industry groups and no one else was providing this information except behind very expensive paywalls. Needless to say, the uptake has been huge and the number of regular visitors to the site is growing.

Well, now I want to expand the scope of free public services to cover anything at all to do with Australian resource stocks. Naturally, the trick will be seeing how I can make it all permanently free of charge as a public-good service. I’m doing this in my ‘spare’ time. Your comments and any ideas you’ve got would be much appreciated and if you could be interested ultimately in getting involved in some way then let me know!

Craig Wright


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  1. Hi Craig we seem to be on a similar pathway. I’ve been publishing info re Australian mining and energy companies on http://www.australian-shares.com since 2000. The biggest difficulty I face is keeping the info current, especially as my lead researcher has left for greener (more lucrative) pastures.

    I will follow your progress with interest and look forward to reading your work.

    Kind regards


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